Nintendo Switch accessories on sale at Best Buy — give your handheld an upgrade

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By Dylan HaasMashable Shopping

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OUR TOP PICK: RDS Industries case bundle — save $13

BEST STORAGE EXPANSION: SanDisk 128GB microSDXC card — save $36

BEST CHARGING DOCK: PowerA Joy-Con charging dock — save $5

With many of us stuck with nothing to do at home and tons of stellar games coming out, it’s a great time to be a Nintendo Switch owner. The handheld console is a must-have for those who like to take their games on the go or simply play them in bed for maximum comfort. 

But, while we love the Nintendo Switch, the device isn’t exactly perfect right out of the box. It leaves a few things to be desired — like comfort and storage space — but they can be easily remedied by picking up a few essential accessories. 

Luckily, a few of them are on sale at Best Buy as we speak — here’s what you can get:

OUR TOP PICK: RDS Industries case bundle — $26.99

This RDS Industries bundle is a great starter pack for your Nintendo Switch. It comes with a hard case for the console itself with additional compartments inside, a case for your game cards and memory cards, attachable thumb grips, and an ergonomic grip attachment for added comfort. What more could you need?

BEST STORAGE EXPANSION: SanDisk 128GB microSDXC card — $31.99

The Switch doesn’t come equipped with enough storage space as-is, basically forcing you to delete games every time you want to download a new one. That’s why it’s extremely necessary to buy a compatible microSD card and get a little bit of extra space to circumvent some of that stress. This one comes with 128GB of extra storage for only $31.99.

BEST CHARGING DOCK: PowerA Joy-Con charging dock — $19.99

Nobody likes having a Joy-Con die right in the middle of a play session. Keep them charged easily with this Joy-Con charging dock — slide them on every time your Switch isn’t in use and you shouldn’t have to deal with dead Joy-Con controllers for quite some time. 


Nintendo Switch Lite carrying case and screen protector: — $14.99

If you have a Switch Lite, that carrying case bundle up top probably won’t do you any favors — but this soft case is made specifically for the Lite, and comes with a screen protector to combat cracks and scratches. 

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