Personalize your workspace for less with Pottery Barn’s WFH sale

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Need desk options that'll fit in the same room as your bed? Pottery Barn has got you covered.
Need desk options that’ll fit in the same room as your bed? Pottery Barn has got you covered.

Image: pottery barn

By Leah StodartMashable Shopping

TL;DR: Pottery Barn is holding a WFH event that takes 20% off home office must-haves like desks, chairs, desktop organizers, office lighting, and more as of Sept. 14.

The dedicated home office — something that was once reserved for freelancers, the self-employed crowd, and house flipping shows on HGTV — has become a staple in millions of households.

Whether you’ve been working from home for *checks notes* six months now or are part of the back-to-school-but-virtually wave, home office furnishing is something that’ll be part of many of our shopping lists for the foreseeable future.

Whatever your situation, Pottery Barn’s WFH event has got you covered: Take 20% off desks (including customizable modular furniture) desk chairs, desk and wall organizers, and office lighting, plus free shipping on orders over $79.

Take a look at curated categories below or shop the whole sale here:

Home office furniture and desk chairs

Personalize your workspace for less with Pottery Barn's WFH sale

Image: pottery barn

Anyone who started their WFH journey at the kitchen table can speak on the importance of having a dedicated desk. It’s never too late to decide that working from your bed isn’t actually that comfortable (and if you’ve been having trouble sleeping, your bed/office situation could be why).

Pottery Barn has its sale furniture organized into themed collections to pinpoint your search to desks that’ll flow. The build-your-own modular desk options let you customize the shape and height with connectable filing cabinets, tabletops, shelves, and more — a perfect solution for couples or kids sharing a workspace. Chair selection includes dozens of renditions of the classic swivel chair from classic leather to elegantly tufted to mesh to clear acrylic. A few non-wheeled options are thrown in as well.

Desk and office lighting

Personalize your workspace for less with Pottery Barn's WFH sale

Image: pottery barn

According to Forbes, our brains aren’t as sharp when working in a dark office: Dimmer light means less of a particular peptide that upholds connections between neurons in the hippocampus. In non-neurologist talk, our productivity isn’t at its peak in a dimly-lit environment. Proper home office lighting will be doubly important after Nov. 1, when daylight saving time ends.

Pottery Barn’s selection of sale lighting includes some gorgeous industrial tabletop pieces that can modernize the drabbest space, as well as light fixtures and chandeliers to add a sense of structure to a room that doesn’t quite feel like a workspace.

Desk accessories and wall organizers

Personalize your workspace for less with Pottery Barn's WFH sale

Image: pottery barn

This isn’t just a WFH thing — when there’s junk strewn all over our desk, concentrating on anything but fidgeting with pens or organizing said mess is difficult. However, if your home desk double’s as your kid’s desk and the junk mail table, keeping your items classified and clutter-free is a must.

If you’re having trouble staying on top of the new routine, the whole “a place for everything and everything in its place” idea helps diminish the urge to do anything but buckle down. Office accessories on sale include desktop organizers for pens, headphones, notebooks, and more, marble catchalls, hanging folders, and big dry erase calendars that still look luxe.

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