Samsung’s steam-cleaning closet could extend your clothes’ shelf life

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The Samsung AirDresser doesn't take up much room and can stand alone against any wall near an outlet.
The Samsung AirDresser doesn’t take up much room and can stand alone against any wall near an outlet.

Image: samsung

By Leah StodartMashable Shopping

TL;DR: The Samsung AirDresser is $450 (30%) off as of July 31, bringing the price down to $1,049.

Laundry isn’t a new trend in the tech world. It’s been a theme at CES for a few years: 2018 saw the first glimpse of FoldiMate’s laundry-folding robot and 2019 saw a slew of smart washers and dryers.

Samsung isn’t even the first brand to attempt at-home steam cleaning with a smart closet of sorts (the LG Styler was a CES 2019 favorite and Whirlpool debuted one in 2015) but the Samsung AirDresser is the first one to have a special focus on the longevity of your wardrobe by protecting sensitive fabrics and using gentle air cleaning to prolong time between real washes. 

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At a time when sanitation and sustainability (like textile waste and fast fashion) are at the forefront of people’s priorities, a smart steam-cleaning closet for your home seems a tiny bit less ridiculous — especially when its price drops down to just over $1,000. Originally hitting the market at $1,499 in April 2020, Samsung has slashed $450 off the AirDresser. It’s now just $1,049 and officially cheaper than the sale price of the LG Styler.

There's even a built-in dryer sheet compartment.

There’s even a built-in dryer sheet compartment.

Image: samsung

For folks who have that section of their wardrobe that’s dedicated to business clothing, sweaters, and winter coats that are dry-clean only, the Samsung AirDresser could be a cost-effective purchase. (We all know we don’t wash those items nearly as often as we should.) 

Air Hangers release steam throughout the cabinet to remove 99.9% of common nasties like dust mites, bacteria, and odors from food, smoke, or sweat while releasing wrinkles. All 22 cycles, including ones specifically for blouses, button-ups, pants, coats, school uniforms, and more are controlled with the app. Surprisingly, the AirDresser can be plugged into a standard outlet and doesn’t require a separate water line or professional installation.

The AirDresser does not fully replace real dry cleaning (your local laundromat is still The Place for that), but it does offer a middle step for picky wash instructions that we don’t pay enough attention to. This could potentially extend the shelf life of your vintage fur coat or finicky organic cotton tees, requiring you to buy and get rid of less in the long run.

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